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Our Virginia Beach Vacation

May 17, 2002 to May 26, 2002

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Friday, May 24, 2002
Day 8 was actually hot. We were wearing shorts for the 3rd day in a row while the sun was out. The kids really wanted to go to another beach that we had been at other years. It was Memorial Day Weekend and the entire campground was booked and we didn't have a site. So we packed up the trailer and headed to SandBridge beach. We spent way too long there and didn't actually hit the road out of Virginia Beach until 4pm. We had no chance of finding a site in Virgina beach on this weekend. We figured to be home late Saturday, or spend 2 nights and get home early Sunday. We crossed the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel and went about 250 km up the coast and started calling for campsites. Memorial day weekend on the coast is busy. Joanne finally found a campsite in Ocean City, Maryland for $49US for the night. (That's a whopping $75 Canadian for just a campsite!)OUCH!!!! They said they have a minimum 3 day stay, but would give us the site for one night as the campers on that sight weren't coming in until the next day. Well, the site was unbelievable. It was right in downtown Ocean City and the campsites were just packed in. It was like no other campsite we had been at before. We knew we would be leaving early, so we passed on the extra $3 US for a Cable hook-up. And since we don't have a TV in the trailer or van it seemed useless. Our site was just big enough for our trailer and picnic table and van. The van was so close that I could step from the trailer into the side door without touching the ground! Oh, and our bed actually overhung onto the laneway/roadway. People were just crammed in so that the only view the tent people had was of their cars parked in front of their tents. It was AWFUL as camping goes. The pictures are a must see in the photo Album, including their playground.

Ocean City

Saturday, May 25, 2002
Day 9. We woke up and looked out the trailer bed window, and there was a truck parked about 6 inches from our trailer bunk. I said to Joanne that "we won't be going anywhere until that person moves their truck." (which they did about 30 minutes later) We packed up and hit the road early......We drove to Delaware and stopped at a state park beach for an hour for the kids again. We wanted to check the beaches for next year. It was cold and windy. Joanne stayed wrapped up in a towel most of the time. Then we hit the road again. We calculated that we could be home by 9:30pm if we traveled well. So off we went. The van was now having some over-heating problems, but were manageable. We would turn on the heater for a minute or so to cool the engine. We knew the rad would need checking when we got back. By the time we stopped for supper, our ETA for arriving home was now 11pm. So we continued driving as the kids all wanted to get home Saturday night. We were a little off schedule and still had about 1 hour and 20 minutes to go when the van started to overheat again. The engine had started to cool, when we noticed the revs were jumping all around. I said to Joanne, who had just started to drive, (because I was too tired again!) to get off at the next exit. We made it about another mile and limped off almost to the end of the ramp when the van quit working. I got out and looked under and saw transmission fluid everywhere..... ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! It was 10:30 pm and the only places in sight were a mobile home and a MOTEL! I ran the 300 feet to the motel and called AAA. Great news, yes, they would tow our van back to Canada (inside the 200km limit), but the trailer towing would have to be paid by us and we were on our own to get the 6 of us home!!! They suggested we get a Taxi, (we pay for it) or they have good prices on rental cars (we pay for it). Well, we abandoned the van and got a room for the night from the VERY drunk motel guy. Memorial day weekend and it was Saturday, nothing would be open in the States until Tuesday for repairs. (The motel guy brought me a beer while I made my phone calls from the motel office. He was very thoughtful and had helpful ideas!) He was so drunk he couldn't get my visa card to work....I said maybe he could try again in the morning!! I called our friends that were already home on Friday, at 10:30 and woke them up. I asked if they could bring their van and get us in the morning....No problem! The 3 boys slept sideways on a double bed and I managed to get Grace's crib out of the trailer and Joanne and I had the other double bed. It.worked out ok...nice enough rooms with 1970 vintage TV's and no phones.....

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